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Glendale pedestrian accident attorneys

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Injured as a Pedestrian in Los Angeles County?

The greater Los Angeles area, including the San Fernando Valley, is one of the busiest, most highly-traveled areas in the country. Millions of cars, trucks, buses, and other vehicles crowd freeways and surface streets throughout the day. Despite the fact that the California Vehicle Code instructs drivers to give pedestrians the right of way, those who travel on foot are susceptible to danger. According to a study by the Governor’s Highway Safety Association, Los Angeles County led the nation in pedestrian deaths in 2016. If you have been hit as a pedestrian, it is crucial that you understand your options in recovering the losses you face due to injuries.

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Pedestrian Accidents in Los Angeles

Like motorcyclists and bicycle riders, pedestrians have a huge risk for serious injury if they are hit by a motor vehicle. Without the protective armor of a steel shell around the body, pedestrians often suffer life-threatening injuries such as spinal cord damage, brain damage, organ damage, loss of limbs, or death.

Pedestrians walking at dusk or night, in high-density intersections, and across unmarked crosswalks are particularly subject to accidents. While drivers are responsible for yielding to those on foot, pedestrians themselves must exercise caution and alertness. Both drivers and pedestrians should not engage in distractions, like texting or talking on cell phones while on the streets.

Despite using care, pedestrians can be hit by drivers who:

  • Drive while under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Text while driving
  • Fail to observe traffic signs and signals
  • Make moving violations
  • Drive while fatigued
  • Fail to be attentive
  • Engage in other distracted behaviors, such as grooming, talking to other passengers, handling children or pets, and more

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), almost half of all auto accidents in which pedestrians were hit involved a motorist driving while under the influence of alcohol over the legal limit.

Why You Need a Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Being struck as a pedestrian can have life-changing consequences. Trying to handle a personal injury claim afterward can be a tedious and overwhelming process. Your best chance of securing fair compensation is with the help of a legal advocate with the know-how and resources to be successful.

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Your case may seem overwhelming in the beginning, but there are others who have been in similar situations and found a way forward. Our team can help you make the next steps. Contact Berberian Ain LLP today to schedule a free initial consultation with our lawyers. You can also call us at 818-808-0048.