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Ranked #1 Medical Malpractice Attorney in Los Angeles, CA ranks Berberian Ain LLP as the #1 medical malpractice attorney in Los Angeles, CA. If you or a loved one experienced any kind of medical malpractice, please contact our office for a free consultation.

Our Medical Malpractice Lawyers Hold Healthcare Providers Accountable

Healthcare providers have a responsibility to provide their patients with diligent, high quality care. We place a great deal of trust in our doctors, surgeons, and nurses; and it is imperative that they live up to that trust. Unfortunately, negligent mistakes do happen in medicine every day across California and the nation at large.

In many cases, these tragic events are unavoidable despite the doctor or surgeon’s best efforts. However, a shocking amount of instances occur each year in the United States where a medical provider breached their duty of care, and the result was injury or death. This is what we mean when we refer to medical malpractice. In some instances, malpractice is even committed intentionally for profit, due to loopholes in medical malpractice insurance policy.

Fortunately, California law has robust protections for medical patients who were negligently treated, including the ability to litigate in order to recover substantial financial damages. At Berberian Ain, our attorneys have made this area of the law a cornerstone of our practice. We have over three decades of combined experience compassionately helping victims and families find monetary justice in the aftermath of a medical malpractice event.

What is Medical Malpractice?

Medical malpractice occurs when a healthcare professional injures their patient through an act of negligence. A doctor making a simple mistake would not be considered appropriate for a medical malpractice lawsuit—it has to be proven that the mistake could have been avoided and that it resulted in harm to the patient. In many cases, other medical professionals are called in to testify that these injuries could have been prevented if more diligent care was provided.

There are really four main pillars needed to support a negligent medical malpractice claim:

  • Duty (what was the medical provider expected to do?)
  • Breach of Duty (how did they fail at their duty?)
  • Harm (did serious harm result from their failure?)
  • Causation (can it be definitively shown that their failure was the cause of that harm?)

If all four “pillars” are intact after carefully examining the case, there is a very good chance that an individual can successfully recover monetary damages if their attorney is able to persuasively argue on their behalf. Of course, hospitals and doctors will do their best to present their side of the story when arguing the above points; this is why it is critical to have a medical malpractice attorney who is experienced, knowledgeable, and passionate about what they do. Only by winning their argument on the basis of the items above can an attorney secure a settlement or financial judgment for their client — and that’s a skill set that the attorneys at Berberian Ain have been developing since 2003.

Medical Malpractice Cases Handled By Our Firm Include:

These examples of medical malpractice are just a small sampling of the types of medical malpractice claims that Berberian Ain can aggressively litigate. In reality, there are a wide variety of potential malpractice claims possible, spanning virtually every area of practice and procedure.

As with all areas of the law, legal precedent has a huge impact on determining the viability of your, or any, medical malpractice case. You might be surprised to learn that one of the biggest landmark medical malpractice cases, Johnston vs. Saint Francis Medical Center, occurred fairly recently in 2001. This case was so important because it helped to pin down the ever-elusive definition of “standard of care” which is so central to all medical malpractice cases.

That’s what the attorneys at Berberian Ain do when we represent a client in one of these cases: seek to define the standard of care in you or your family member’s situation, and show that the medical practitioner failed to reach that mark in your situation.

Medical Malpractice Statistics

The raw numbers behind the medical malpractice occurring regularly in our highly developed country are quite shocking. 10% of deaths in the United States are caused by medical error, many of which are preventable with better standards of care and an organized approach to harm reduction. Of course, not all of those deaths qualify as malpractice, because human error unfortunately can never be reduced to zero. However, medical professionals have a societal and legal duty to provide a certain standard of care, and they are duty bound not to perform below said standard if at all possible.

One study by the Health Affairs journal in 2011 presented an even more shocking statistic: around 1% of people admitted to a hospital in the United States will die during their stay. That equates to nearly 400,000 hospital fatalities per year, making it the third-leading cause of death in America. How many of those deaths were unavoidable, and how many could have been averted if the facility practiced a higher standard of care? The numbers alone suggest a grim reality where not everyone is equally receiving the same quality of care or detailed attention from their healthcare providers.

You Will Want An Experienced Medical Malpractice Law Firm On Your Side

Medical providers and hospitals are always wary of medical malpractice claims. They often have attorneys on retainer just to fight these types of claims; and they are well aware of the 3 year medical malpractice statute of limitations in California. You will want someone who is just as experienced and comfortable in the courtroom helping you validate your claim. Our medical malpractice lawyers have extensive experience fighting these cases. We can help you even the playing field and obtain the compensation you deserve.

We’re Here to Help. Contact Us Today!

When you first start considering whether to take legal action in the wake of a suspected medical malpractice incident, things can feel overwhelming. You may feel hopeless, guilty, or even a misguided sense of shame for wanting to stand up for yourself. Although these feelings are natural in some people, they are totally unnecessary. You might not want to “rock the boat” in your personal life, but in a situation like this, standing up and demanding justice is the only way to make sure that a negligent medical professional sees consequences — and that you are financially compensated for an experience that should have never happened.

Our team can help you start your journey toward justice. Contact Berberian Ain LLP today using this simple confidential form to schedule a free initial consultation with our lawyers. You can also call us at (818) 808-0048, if you prefer.

We’ve represented dozens of clients who were in a similar position you’re in now: deciding whether or not to take that first step. Perhaps you’ve never used an attorney’s services before, and it feels like getting a lawyer is something that “other people” do, but not you. Rest assured, you are worthy of high quality legal representation, you are deserving of financial restitution for what you’ve been through, and you are empowered by the laws of our state and country to seek justice in the aftermath of a medical malpractice incident. Contact Berberian Ain LLP today to schedule a completely confidential, free, no-pressure consultation regarding your unique circumstances.