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Sexual harassment law firm

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Are You Dealing with a Hostile Work Environment in Los Angeles or the San Fernando Valley?

Sexual harassment in the workplace is devastating to the victims. Forms of sexual harassment can either be overt or inconspicuous. It also happens to both genders, although women in the workplace are more prone to sexual harassment based on statistics. If you feel that you are a victim of sexual harassment in California, our employment law attorneys can help you gather the evidence you need to hold the responsible parties accountable.

At Berberian Ain LLP, our experienced lawyers can advise you on what you need to do to account instances of sexual harassment. Call us at (818) 808-0048 for a free consultation.


Common Examples of Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment can take many forms, and if there is an activity at work that makes you feel uncomfortable, you should seek counsel from a knowledgeable attorney. Not all forms of sexual harassment are obvious, so don’t be afraid to speak up even if you aren’t sure that you are dealing with harassment. The fact that you are being made to feel uncomfortable is a problem that needs to be addressed.

Sexual harassment may include:

  • Pinching
  • Uncomfortable touching
  • Improper or lewd comments
  • Spreading rumors
  • Frequent jokes about sexual orientation
  • Stalking
  • Repeatedly asking a person out
  • Kissing a coworker in or outside of work without their consent

If any of these things happened to you at work, our aggressive sexual harassment attorneys are ready to help. We can collect evidence that demonstrates a pattern of misconduct. It is possible to gather evidence even if the sexually harassing acts are done inconspicuously like when your employer utters comments insinuating promotion or bonus in exchange for sexual favors.

Sexual Harassment is Against the Law

As a victim of sexual harassment in the workplace in California, you should know that there are federal and sexual harassment laws in California that protect you from your tormentors. It is against the law and basic human decency to be subjected to sexual harassment. If your livelihood and your family’s future is being threatened by your employer in exchange for sexual favors, you need to act fast and seek help from our experienced sexual harassment lawyers.

We’re Here to Help. Contact Us Today!

Your case may seem overwhelming in the beginning, but there are others who have been in similar situations and found a way forward. Our team can help you make the next steps. Contact Berberian Ain LLP today to schedule a free initial consultation with our lawyers. You can also call us at 818-808-0048.