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Pregnancy discrimination attorneys

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Have You Suffered Career Consequences Because of Your Pregnancy?

Discrimination comes in many forms. In California, one of the most prevalent discriminations against women in the workplace is pregnancy discrimination. There are federal and state rights protecting all workers in general. However, due to the biological and sociological needs of women in the workplace, additional laws protecting women in the workplace are enacted. If you feel you have been discriminated against in the workplace in California due to your pregnancy, you definitely have a right to file a pregnancy discrimination claim against your employer.

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Can You Get Fired for Being Pregnant?

Although it may seem like a rare situation, this form of wrongful employment is much more common that you may think. Berberian Ain LLP can help you understand that you cannot be fired from your place of work simply for being pregnancy or having a pregnancy-related disability that requires you to take some time off of work. Additionally, if an employer fires an employee for being pregnant overtly or through a falsely-stated reason, there may be eligibility for recovering damages as this employer may have violated state and federal laws.

Examples of Pregnancy Discrimination

Pregnancy discrimination still exists in the workplace. Especially in California, where more and more women are moving up in their professions, pregnancy discrimination, gender discrimination and other forms of discrimination are being committed against women employees. There are different reasons why people discriminate in the workplace. Some are due to fear of being outperformed and overtaken by others in the corporate ladder, while others discriminate against women because of envy or spite.

Some pregnant women don’t want to file a pregnancy discrimination lawsuit against their employers because of fear of being retaliated against or losing their jobs. This is why you need to be represented by experienced pregnancy discrimination lawyers to make sure that your legal rights are protected while you are claiming your just compensation for your damages. The law protects you from workplace retaliation, but you will want to have things on record to prove that you were a victim of retaliation should it happen.

We Can Serve As Your Aggressive Advocates

As a victim of pregnancy discrimination in the workplace, in order to claim damages against your employer, you need to know the laws violated by your employer, as well as the correct procedures for filing a pregnancy discrimination case in California. Hence, it is best to leave your legal problems with The Berberian Ain LLP’s seasoned pregnancy discrimination attorneys in Glendale are very proficient in applying pregnancy discrimination California laws.

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Your case may seem overwhelming in the beginning, but there are others who have been in similar situations and found a way forward. Our team can help you make the next steps. Contact Berberian Ain LLP today to schedule a free initial consultation with our lawyers. You can also call us at 818-808-0048.