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Glendale Race & National Discrimination Lawyer

Glendale race and national discrimination lawyer

Race and ethnicity discrimination are protected by federal and California laws to prohibit employers from discriminating against employees. Unfortunately, racial and national origin discrimination cases still exist in the workplace. In 2021, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) reported over 3,865 charges of discrimination in California, 35.4% of which involved race.

Bringing a lawsuit for race and national discrimination against your employer may allow you to recover damages if you have faced adverse treatment due to your race, national origin, and ethnicity at work. Berberian Ain LLP’s race discrimination attorneys can protect your rights and prevent an employer from negatively affecting your career because of your race or ethnicity.

What is the Definition of Race Discrimination?

The EEOC defines racial discrimination as treating an applicant or an employee negatively because of their race or personal characteristics such as hair texture, skin color, or facial features. Color discrimination refers to the unfavorable treatment of someone based on their skin complexion and color.

National Origin Discrimination

Racial discrimination can also involve discrimination based on national origin. An employer may discriminate based on a person’s nationality, ethnicity, or accent.

It is also possible to discriminate based on a perceived background. For example, an employer may discriminate against an employee they believe comes from a particular background, despite the employee not belonging to it.

National discrimination can also involve unfair treatment of employees or job candidates married to or associated with people of a specific national origin.

California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA)

FEHA probits organizations with five or more employees from discriminating against job applicants and workers based on the protected classes of race, color, national origin, and ancestry.

California’s Civil Rights Department (CRD) allows you to file a national origin discrimination case within one year after the most recent act of discrimination. If your complaint with the CRD contains facts that would violate an EEOC law, the complaint will go forward under the EEOC, and the CRD will also investigate your case.

You can work with a national origin discrimination attorney at Berberian Ain LLP to help file your complaint with the CRD. Our attorneys can help investigate your claim of illegal discrimination and offer evidence showing you were terminated or demoted due to your race, color, ethnicity, or national origin.

What Are Some Examples of Race Discrimination at Work?

Under the EEOC, employers cannot discriminate based on race, color, and national origin in all aspects of employment, including hiring, firing, salary, promotions, and layoffs.

Racial, ethnicity and national origin discrimination examples in the workplace include:

  • Reduction in working hours and salary
  • Failure to workplace racism or ethnic jokes
  • Exclusion from meetings and events
  • Unjustified termination or demotion in your job due to your race
  • Bias toward promoting employees from a particular race
  • Retaliation against employees who associate with other races or criticize workplace racism
  • Widespread layoffs for certain employees of a national origin

It is still possible for employers in the same protected class as you to discriminate against you. The EEOC also considers racial discrimination when the victim and the perpetrator are of the same race or color.

Employers may also be guilty of discrimination if they treat you differently when they learn that you:

  • Are a member of a national group
  • Attend church or temple generally associated with a national origin group
  • Have a surname associated with that of a national origin group

The legality of Employment Policies

An employment policy may be considered legal if it negatively impacts people of a certain race but is necessary for the position and the employer’s line of business.

For instance, a company can ask employees to speak fluent English if it is necessary for them to do so in a client-facing work environment. English-only rules can apply for non-discriminatory reasons to ensure the efficiency of an employer’s business.

However, a policy prohibiting beards in the workplace can be illegal since it does not affect the job and the employer. Such a policy may negatively affect job opportunities for people from certain races and nationalities that wear facial hair due to cultural or ethnic reasons.

What Do I Do If I Feel I Have Been Discriminated Against Because of My Race?

If you feel you have experienced discrimination, follow your employer’s guidelines for reporting the incident first. This process establishes a formal complaint and ensures that your employer knows the discrimination occurred.

After reporting the discrimination to your employer, contact a discrimination lawyer with Berberian Ain LLP. An attorney can help you file a complaint with the EEOC or CRD and include all relevant information, including witness statements and other crucial evidence.

Taking the following steps may help protect your right to sue for racial discrimination:

  • Preserve all the evidence of misconduct you consider discriminatory based on race, national origin, and ethnicity, such as emails and text messages
  • Interview other coworkers who witnessed the employer’s racial discrimination against you for their statements
  • Keep track of the complaints you make and the responses you receive from your employer, preferably in writing or through email
  • Report your employer’s retaliation against you for your complaints of discrimination

It is illegal for employers to retaliate against employees who complain to the government or law enforcement agency under California law. If you have faced retaliation from your employer due to your complaint, the race discrimination lawyers at Berberian Ain LLP can represent you in a case for compensation.

Representing Employees All Throughout California

As a victim of race and national origin discrimination in California, you have the right to claim damages against your employer and/or co-workers who caused you undue hardship by segregating you or ridiculing you in the workplace.

However, if you are serious in claiming the best origin discrimination compensation, you cannot negotiate your own claims against your unjust employer. Instead, seek legal representation from a skilled employment lawyer who has vast knowledge on how to present and pursue nationality discrimination claims demands.

We Can Guide You Through the Discrimination Claims Process

There are complex procedures and legal hurdles that you need to know before you can effectively claim nationality discrimination compensation due to you. This is why you should seek legal help from aggressive employment lawyers who can provide you with top-notch origin discrimination legal representation.

At Berberian Ain LLP, we can analyze your situation and inform you of the various discriminatory acts that may have been committed against you, as well as your rights to claim different types of damages and how and where to file them. In the end, it is never a good thing to pursue your own origin discrimination damages against your erring employer. Instead of being able to claim damages, you may even unwittingly bar or waive your rights to claim nationality discrimination compensation.

Hence, if you have been discriminated against due to your race, national origin, or ethnic background, seeking immediate help from aggressive employment lawyers who fully understand discrimination laws and its applications can provide you with the maximum compensation for all your lost wages, pain, suffering, and other losses.

Call an Experienced Glendale Race Discrimination Lawyer

If you need legal guidance regarding racial and ethnicity discrimination in the workplace, the skilled race discrimination attorneys at Berberian Ain LLP can investigate your case. We can help you initiate and win a race discrimination lawsuit settlement with your employer to help you hold your employer accountable for their actions.

Contact our law firm today to book a free consultation with a skilled Glendale race discrimination attorney to discuss your claim.