Grandparents In A Nursing Home? The CDC Coronavirus Checklist for Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities

If you have family or someone you know or love in a Nursing Home or Assisted Living, be aware that most of these facilities already had problems with infection control.  At least 2,300 nursing homes have coronavirus cases — and the reality is likely much worse. In Los Angeles County they account for the majority of the incidents and deaths.  See the Los Angeles Time Article below. 

The CDC coronavirus checklist identifies key areas that long-term care facilities should consider in their COVID-19 planning. Long-term care facilities can use this tool to self-assess the strengths and weaknesses of current preparedness efforts. This checklist does not describe mandatory requirements or standards; rather, it highlights important areas to review to prepare for the possibility of residents with COVID-19.

Nursing homes and other long-term care facilities can take steps to assess and improve their preparedness for responding to coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). This checklist should be used as one tool to develop a comprehensive COVID-19 response plan, including plans for:

Rapid identification and management of ill residents

Considerations for visitors and consultant staff

Supplies and resources

Sick leave policies and other occupational health considerations

Education and training

Surge capacity for staffing, equipment and supplies, and postmortem care

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